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usability testing

We understand that usability is a very important area to be designed and implemented right, to maximize a product’s acceptance in the marketplace. However this is also a very subjective area where, what is usable to one person may not be usable to the same extent to another. We, at AQIES Technologies, have built a usability testing methodology based on our experience of testing for usability for a wide range of our clients. To provide a comprehensive set of services we have also partnered with domain experts in specific scenarios to test for usability in depth. Our usability team typically comprises of a target set of end user audience, both from within and outside the company, who do not necessarily understand the internals of the product under test. Wherever required we train and work with the team to supplement the required knowledge of software testing so as to give actionable usability feedback to our clients. Investing time in understanding the product’s user base and choosing the right team to test, differentiate us in the marketplace for usability testing services. A usability testing checklist with core items to check for, testing for Section 508 compliance, compatibility across platforms and analyzing how web technologies such as AJAX have been used in designing the application, help us bring in objectivity into our usability testing efforts.

In addition to usability, we use a combination of manual and automated testing techniques to provide detailed accessibility testing for our clients to build applications that meet industry standards and are appealing to their target audience. Of special note here is that we have employed a few visually challenged people at AQIES Technologies, to realistically test for accessibility. Our tools experience here includes: screen readers, screen magnifiers, voice dictation tools, accessibility tool bars besides manual techniques such as source code inspection, testing with keyboards, changing accessibility settings, visual page reviews etc.

Why AQIES Technologies for your Usability and Accessibility Testing?

  • good combination of manual and automated techniques to give you the required test coverage

  • Our testing supplemented with end user feedback, through partner programs

  • Employment opportunities for the disabled such as visually disabled, provides very realistic end user feedback

  • Adherence to compliance standards such as Section 508 for accessibility testing