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test automation

In an effort to achieve faster time to market, increase test coverage and improve the productivity of the test team, test automation continues to be the buzz word amongst QA teams. We at AQIES Technologies, understand the value of test automation as well as the challenges it poses, which is why we emphasize on a methodical and planned test automation approach. Test automation has been one of our main focus areas for ongoing research and development, which has helped us build our own IP which we use on our client projects to maximize value and minimize costs.

Evolution of test automation in our R&D labs, is as outlined below:

Lack of trained test automation engineers, test maintenance efforts especially in an agile product life cycle, soaring test environment costs, complex test data, inadequate end to end test coverage are some of the core challenges that any test automation effort often stumbles upon. We, at AQIES Technologies, have arrived at a balance between the test automation challenges and an ideal test automation framework, in creating our own open source based test automation solution. Some of the salient features of our framework include:

  • Wiki style web interface for test authoring, test execution and result gathering
  • Open Source tools for application automation
  • Page Object Pattern
  • Virtualization for managing test run environments
  • Remote test execution for parallel execution and test run optimization
  • Pluggable Ant and Maven integration for CI reporting

We have successfully leveraged this framework to bring in test automation efficiencies and improve test productivity and coverage for several of our clients across domains. Here’s a peek into the internals of our test automation framework:

Besides our own IP built on open source technologies, we also have a wide range of expertise in automating using commercial tools from Borland, HP, IBM, SmarteSoft, Apple helping us partner with you to provide the breadth and depth in test automation. While we largely use this framework for functional testing for our clients, we have used variants for other areas of test such as content digitization testing, localization testing.
Our suite of Test Automation services includes:

  • E2E Test Automation Strategy Design and Implementation
  • Automation Component Scripting
  • Automation Framework Implementation
  • Automation Tools Comparative Analysis and Implementation
  • Automated Build Verification
  • Automated Regression Test Suite Creation
  • Automated Defect Reporting and Governance

Why AQIES Technologies for your Test Automation Needs?

  • We understand and have worked on various test automation models empowering us to customize a solution to meet your needs

  • Ongoing investments in automation related R&D helps us provide you cutting edge tools to improve test coverage and productivity

  • Tools and frameworks engineered to allow manual testers carry on automation resulting in significant cost savings