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ERM-IO360 Service manager


Because your customers are a valuable asset

The cost of obtaining a customer is estimated to be as much as ten times the cost of keeping a customer. Since you take this seriously, we take it seriously too. Your IO360 Service Manager is the Risk Eliminator. Keep accounts in your fold with prompt, intelligent, forget-me-not service or risk having to say you’re sorry!!

IO360 recognizes that great service and support is imperative to building lasting, profitable relationships with your customers and prospects,dramatically impacting your bottom line. IO360’s ERM solution provides service and support personnel with individually customizable Service Manager which has powerful tools such as advanced issue tracking and resolution, as well as access to relevant customer data,such as products purchased, ticket and defect history,warranty and maintenance contract status.

Only ERM provides three complete RMA systems for Service Manager, Customer Portal, MRP/WMS and the General Ledger with real-time visibility and online. It spans world-wide locations and sub-locations to support mistake-free customer service, operations and accounting.

Some of the features are highlighted below to make the service more easy/fast and reliable.

  • Appointment wizard for quick and easy service appointments to customer.
  • Customer interview wizard, which helps in jotting down even the minute details and that too in very limited time.
  • Providing full information on last services made and warranty/claims on the product purchased, so that customer should get hassle free credits, if entitled to.
  • Auto service engineer allotment towards work orders.
  • Providing standard repair times for known issues.
  • Providing most accurate quotes to customer to avoid and confusion further.
  • Auto Email/SMS to customer once service is completed.
  • Account Views (up to all customers)
  • Account Level Service Contracts
  • All Service Contracts
  • Fully auto RMA system.
  • Open Service Issues, sorted by these categories:
    • Urgent,Critical,High,Medium,Low
    • Warranty
    • Out of Warranty
    • Trade In