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ERM-IO360 Sales manager


No Revenue. No Business.

The business landscape is getting more competitive every day. A missed opportunity means less revenue and less revenue means lower profit. If it happens too often, your business could be in jeopardy.

By giving each member of your sales team the customizable tools to optimize their productivity, you positively impact your business's top and bottom lines. That's why our Sales Manager plays a critical role in your success.

It provides various functionalities to make your Sales more faster and robust such as.

  • Generating the order with few clicks, most of the information are auto copied from master.
  • Auto suggestions on Pickups and Taxes
  • Auto suggestion on sub items to be used in assembly category products.
  • Item explosion based on suggested values
  • Auto suggestion on quantity based on packing of the given item.
  • Putting the items in backlog and then adjusting them once items are available in stock.
  • Can create purchase order from order form directly for items in back order.
  • Showing you the stock status such as onhand quantity,in factory quantity,in transit quantity etc.
  • Creation of multiple pack and ship details and labels for orders having multiple shipping and billing on central party or multiple as per setup.
  • Auto email/SMS to customer after order is confirmed/dispatched/invoiced.
  • Auto Account entries in receivable and general ledger accounting.