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ERM-IO360 sales & inventory forecaster


IO360 Generates Forecasts with clicks No guesswork, no time wasted. In the Opportunity Module, the sales specialists have marked each project with a probability. ERM combines all of the Quotes with at least 50% probability with your recent orders and sales to generate the Forecast reports or setup you own probability.

Sales Reps see their Forecast Report for chosen start and end dates in the MTD and QTD. Although ERM lets sales reps make multiple Quotes for the same Opportunity, to offer choices to the Contact. The rep must mark one of them as the “Active (or Current) Quote,” which is the ONE that ERM uses in Forecasts.

Sales Managers see Forecast Reports for any rep in their department/region and for their whole department/region.

The Sales VPs see Forecast Reports for any rep in their BU, any department/region and the whole Business Unit.

The Executive sees the above, plus Forecast Reports for the Enterprise. ERM provides all of these with user mouse clicks.

The Forecast Report shows MTD and QTD bookings by BUs, Regions and Sales Reps plus Products/Parts Forecasts to assist your materials planner and/or Procurement specialist in deciding when and how to order items from their providers.

These Forecasts include, for each item/part:

  • The quantity required for the working Opportunities
  • The quantities On Hand, On Order, On Allocation and Available
  • The Lead Time, Time to Reorder Quantity and Obsolete Date
  • Creates the records automatically for reorder or minimum stock level quantity you just need to review and approve it, which will further get converted into PO once approved.
  • Can setup the Ratio for stock in factory for future order, for example if orders are for let say next month and the stock at factory is about to get received within 15 days you can configure the system to take that into consideration or not in consideration.
  • Forecast the sales based on major sales product categories such as seasonal, regular,hig demand,low demand (can setup these categories as per your business terms).