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ERM-IO360 Reports and business intelligence

IO360’s Enterprise Resource Manager (ERM) is particularly rich in the quality and quantity of its Business Intelligence (BI) reports. These reports give users real-time information about their business to make fast, intelligent business decisions. Each of the reports comes preconfigured but is also user configurable with multiple options. Below is a partial reference list.

The real-time Sales Reports include:

  • Account Profile
  • Account and Contact Query by Category
  • 12 Month Customer Information / Status History
  • Customer Maximum Credit History
  • Customer Credit Rating History
  • Customer Call Activity Log History
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Account and Contact Activity
  • Order Backlogs by Sales Order
  • Order Backlogs by Inventory Item
  • Leads Mailing List
  • Quote HTML Report
  • Quote PDF Report
  • Non Recurring Charge Forecast
  • Non Recurring Charge w/GP Forecast
  • Monthly Recurring Charge Forecast
  • Deferred Revenue History
  • Commissions with Multiple Levels (includes Sales & Services)


The real-time MRP / Inventory Reports include:

  • Inventory Valuation
  • Inventory Valuation By Location
  • Inventory Valuation Per Location
  • Inventory Valuation Summary
  • Inventory Aging
  • Inventory Aging Per Location
  • Price List with Cost
  • Price List without Cost
  • Inventory Status
  • Open PO to Vendor
  • Shipments Received
  • Open PO Line Item
  • Inventory Transaction
  • Inventory Transaction By Category
  • Item Tracking Available Qty
  • Item Sales Forecast
  • Vendors Detail List
  • PO Approvals List
  • PO to Vendor Approval History


The real-time Accounting Reports include:

  • Customer Payment Register
  • AR Aging by Sales Rep
  • AR Aging by Customer
  • Sales Taxes due to which authorities
  • AP Aging
  • AP Journal Entry
  • AP by G/L Account
  • AP Invoice Register
  • AP Daily Cash Requirement
  • AP Check Register (a.k.a. Payment Register)
  • Invoice Items Cost History
  • Invoice Items Unit Cost History


The real-time Production Reports include:

  • Backlog by:
    • Non-Recurring Order
    • Recurring Order
    • Part Number(items grouped by their Categories)*
    • Revenue(Advance Payment)
  • Customer Requested Ship/Service Date
  • Invoice Register by:
    • Sales Rep
    • Customer
    • BU
    • Item Category
    • Invoice number
  • Customer Service Contract Expiration