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ERM-IO360 quote manager


Sales Proposals & Quotes - No longer does your sales team have to call in to the office with time-sensitive, critical questions. With a web-enabled smart phone, your sales force can receive opportunity alerts and access account information anytime from anywhere. Imagine the powerful advantage your sales team will have being able to update pricing terms, or understand inventory status information no matter where they are, all in real-time. That means your sales force can answer customer questions about orders, inventory.

In the Quote module, Sales Specialists see the working Quotes data list with clickable

  • Quote ID, Opportunity ID, Customer, Account ID, Probabilities
  • Approval status (Credit and Sales Management)
  • Sales specialists generate the first Quote and then new Quotes for an Opportunity, including Quote detail information, and can email the Quote.
  • The ERM Quote module provides visibility of the Price List and, for tangible items, their inventory status. It shows your item Categories with the ERM Master Categories. As appropriate for your business, ERM shows Units Cost and Units List.
  • Quote creation based on last order or order creation based on last Quotes.
  • Auto Email of Quotes to Customer for Approval/Modification.
  • Auto Order creation From Quote.
  • Providing Best of the price and item details , to avoid any mismatch in actual order.
  • PO Creation facility, if items are not available in Stock provided on Quote.