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ERM-IO360 Project manager


Opportunities & Projects - a project to your Contact is an Opportunity to you. IO360 supports your sales organization with the Project Manager. At the first hint that a customer or prospect has a need, you can enter it for tracking, time management and updating the probability % of closing the sale. When it moves to the Proposal / Quote stage, one mouse click gets you there. This module holds the data that you gather for understanding what the Customer needs, in order to arrive at the perfect solution from you.

Project Manager basically helps you to handle big orders such as providing a supply of some items on regular basis for more than a year, so building some Finished goods such as Generators/ Cars/Jewelry and Implementing them on client sites.

Use this module for:

  • Notes regarding the Project
  • Action Items and Due Dates (Time Manager)
  • Account Pipeline
  • Sales Forecast
  • Credit Approval by the back office
  • Sales Management Approvals (configurable)
  • Warranty/Claims management.
  • Auto Invoice generation.
  • Handling the accounting activities in a different manner other than regular sales.
  • Taking care of any service due for already setup items/sale, and prices for the service in this special case.