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ERM-IO360 Partner/Vendor Portal


This module allows you to seamlessly extend your operational resources to your partner network. Now you have the capability to have all partner profiles and operational data centralized, allowing you to gain a complete view of your partner network, find channel coverage gaps, easily manage partner programs and membership, plus monitor partner performance. In conjunction with the rest of our complete ERM solution, IO360 provides this module so you can take advantage of every opportunity as well as encourage and assist your partners in their efforts.

The Partner Portal is similar to the module, "Sales Manager", for your internal sales force. It gives partners real time access to appropriate information, including;

  • Time Manager with separate action items for Contacts and Opportunities
  • ¬†Suspects, Prospects, Customers, and Contacts
  • My Opportunities and Quotes
  • Account Pipeline
  • Send E-mail
  • Complete drill-down capability