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globalization testing

Selecting an ERP solution and undertaking the complex process changes that go with it is an ordeal fraught with many perils. More often than not, the implementation is driven by technology. Technology effort becomes the sole focus of the entire ERP initiative in most companies. Before the implementation effort begins, not enough focus is given to assigning roles and responsibility from the business user community. Coordinated effort is never undertaken so that interfaces between business functions are defined and implemented with clarity and buy-in by the various business functions in the company. With every roadblock, the rift between management objectives and the actual product from the implementation grows to an extent, both just cannot be bridged.

Globalization has become one of the core areas of software testing given how products are reaching out to global markets and launching in several localized versions. We, at AQIES Technologies have built a very detailed QA methodology to specifically identify and address potential issues in the globalization process. Such a methodology has been built on our experience of testing for globalization since our inception, for several clients including Fortune clients. We have a specialized test team trained and ready to work specifically on globalization and localization test efforts, adding value to our clients by leveraging a set of best practices that we have built to address the needs of this specialized test area. Such best practices cover areas such as: infrastructure setup, locale specific checklists & nuances documents, test data repository. A bird’s eye view of our Globalization testing methodology is as below:

Our Performance Testing differentiators:

  • Localization specific test optimization matrix to yield maximum test coverage in the shortest possible test cycle time

  • Locale and culture specific testing checklists and best practices

  • Customized global translation engines to suit the needs of our clients