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performance/load testing

One of the toughest challenges organizations face today involves achieving and maintaining their business’s mission critical applications at peak performance and scalability levels. Without an effective methodology for predicting system behavior and performance under real life stress conditions, they are exposed to the types of catastrophic slowdowns and failures that cripple productivity, drive away customers and decimate the company’s bottom line.

At AQIES Technologies, our team of performance engineering professionals is ready to partner with you to ensure your system’s performance meets or exceeds its goals and requirements.
Some of the key functions performed by our performance testing teams include:

  • Identify and meet with the key business and technical contacts for your project, to develop an in-depth understanding of your application and system architecture.
  • Scope areas of performance risk and requirements to achieve proper focus and avoid over- or under-testing, allowing us to identify potential performance bottlenecks early in the system development life cycle.
  • Identify a practical performance test strategy encompassing the scenarios to test, types of performance testing, tools to use, scenarios to automate, reporting protocols, environment to test.
  • Create scripts and scenarios to produce consistent, measurable and repeatable load and stress tests, designed to mirror your live production environment, user loads, business patterns and throughput, including where applicable, projections for future growth.
  • Coordinate and execute load tests and monitor response times and resource usage to identify problem areas.
  • Analyze results to identify problems and/or opportunities for performance improvements; provide tuning recommendations to improve response times and avoid resource bottlenecks.
  • Create customized reports tailored to the particular interests of project’s stakeholders and baseline results.
  • Perform trend analysis to identify scaling issues that may impact users down the road.
  • Document our testing process and archive test scripts, data, results and environment configurations for future testing and base lining.
  • Create standards and best practices for your organization, if there is a delta in your current set of practices.

Our tools expertise in the performance testing space span:

We’ve also built our own frameworks to support realistic simulation of load across operating systems and browsers leveraging virtualization and cloud computing technologies, resulting in greater test coverage at a significantly lower cost to our clients.

Our Performance Testing differentiators:

  • Team of seasoned performance engineers, with the right mix of product development, testing and years of performance testing/tuning, capacity management experience

  • Cloud based test labs, for on demand scalability and flexibility. Able to simulate real world traffic from different geographies with minimal cost for and investments by clients

  • End to end performance engineering experience using all leading commercial/licensed and open source performance engineering tools

  • Internal frameworks built on open source tools like JMeter for effective performance test result reporting and system monitoring