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ERM-IO360 E-commerce

IO360 E-Commerce lets you leverage the Internet to grow your business faster and more cost effectively. It transforms your Website to eCommerce shopping portal and ties together customer online orders to ERP for fulfillment.
IO360 E-Commerce automates all business operations from eCommerce Shopping Cart to CRM, MRP, Accounting and ERP to give you a full view of your organization across all departments, including Sales, Service, Operations and Finance. The online orders flow directly to your shipping and accounting departments. As a result, you minimize time delays and boost customer satisfaction.

IO360 E-Commerce gives your business these advantages:

  • The only eCommerce with integrated Accounting, ERP and Customer Management
  • Completely automated business processes with the ORACLE Database
  • Lower Costs and Improved Customer Satisfaction with 24/7 Self-Service
  • Enhance Your Online Presence
    • Connect directly with the IO360 ERP system
    • Processes credit card payments through the portal and gateway
    • Generates shopping cart submission and a sales order
    • Minimize human error, reduce administrative cost
    • If/When inventory is on hand, processes shipping and invoicing the customer
    • Automatically updates your Balance Sheet and Income upon shipment
    • Online Shipping/Tracking( with setup on any of your provider)
    • Customer can log in to check shipping status with tracking numbers
    • Customer Specific dashboards incorporated with Customer portal and BI bashboard to give him a more closer and clear look on his transactions.
    • No More plain and ugly looking Sites, our have the capability to incorporate any flash/DHTML sites.

IO360 ERP offers the following management tools:

  • Customer & Partner Portals
  • Customer Service Manager
  • RMA Management
  • Multiple-warehouse inventory management

You view real-time sales data from your eCommerce web site, and customers always view accurate inventory items. Your customers have access 24/7 and you synchronize your eCommerce operations with the rest of your business. Furthermore, you reduce the time you spend managing IO360 E-Commerce.
IO360 E-Commerce will Lower Operational Costs and Improve Customer Satisfaction. You can offer customers 24x7 self-service and increase your profit. IO360 E-Commerce conducts transactions without intervention from your support representatives.
With IO360 E-Commerce, you can offer 24/7 online ordering and your company can increase its market presence without increasing your sales force. IO360 E-Commerce processes credit card payments through the portal to minimize human error, reduce administrative cost and increase productivity. And if there is any error while processing you they all get collected in a exception table which you can check by just a click.

IO360 E-Commerce Administration You have a complete control of every aspect of your eCommerce-enabled website. Collect payment information from customers around the globe, create a custom, secure order form to collect sensitive customer information, and manage order processing through one complete interface.