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ERM-IO360 customer Portal


Open for business even when your sign says closed!!

In today’s fast-paced, highly competitive world, customers expect 24/7 access to information. So, even though you have to sleep sometime, IO360’s ERM allows your customers to transact business (whether sales-related or service-related) with you round-the-clock through our Customer Portal.

Imagine customer-satisfaction levels when they can log-in to the Enterprise Resource Manager to gain access all their sales and service information. Once implemented, they will be able to:

  • Place new Orders
    • Have access to their Price List
    • In addition, Discounts can be pre-configured to meet individual customer requirements
  • Create a Service Ticket
  • View Escalations and SLAs
  • Report Bugs (informational, no action requested)
  • Request for RMA
  • Make Online payments with/without invoice details,(Without can directly say first 10 invoices or last 10 or based on a specific Date/Month/Quarter/Years.
  • View their entire relationship with you with:
    • My Account Status
    • My Account Balance
    • My Account Backlog
    • My Shipment History
    • My Invoice History
    • My Service Contract(s)
    • My Open Support Issues
    • My Order Status
    • My Payment Status
    • Outstanding Details
    • My Credit Limit.
  • Build in Dashboard for viewing different related reports
    • Order Trends
    • Best Products
    • Seasonable products if any?
    • Service Records
    • Warranty Reports
    • Financial Reports
    • Special Offers and Discounts.