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ERM-IO360 Customer contact manager


You connect your company with the Account through your Contact. Thus, CRM should stand for Contact Relationship Manager. In the IO360, you own your contacts. Use the Time Manager on your Sales Desk to prevent any from slipping through a crack. No info lost, no time wasted!

IO360’s Contact Manager enables you to easily store and find information, such as names, addressees, telephone numbers and reporting functions. It allows the whole company to access the same database. It also provides calendar functions and time management.

Contacts are persons within an account. Each contact has one “Lead,” say a sales rep, but it could be any user. The contact owner may view and edit full contact information including:

  • First, Last Name
  • Mail Address Street, City, State, Country
  • Phone numbers
  • Email
  • Lead Source
  • Owner
  • Profile text
  • Call activity log
  • Next Action (a time management tool)
    • Configurable action menu
    • Due Date, Time
  • Existing Opportunities
  • New Opportunity
  • New Contact
  • The Customer Portal
  • Send an email
  • Account Comments History
  • Account Profile History
  • Call Activity Log History
  • 12-month Account Purchase History including
    • Maximum Credit Line
    • Available Credit Limit
    • Receivables including days past due and Average paid days
  • Backlog dollar amount
  • Backlog details
  • Account Activity Report with
    • Account Name
    • Account Profile
    • Contact Name
    • Contact Info
    • Owner next action
    • Create Info
    • Activity Log
    • Status

The IO360 One Solution limits other sales users to view the Account, the Contact and its owner, only. This prevents poaching and limits what a disgruntled employee may steal before exiting.
When configured by your Administrator, the contact owner may view the account:

  • Maximum Credit Limit
  • Total AR balance dollar amount and details
  • Total Backlog dollar amount and details
  • Average days to pay
  • Total approved quotes dollar amounts
  • Available credit