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ERM-IO360 Sales commision manager

Compensation paid to Sales Personnel is usually attached to a level of performance. Based on the individual’s compensation plan, calculation of commission can be relatively easy or very complex.

Our Commissions Module recognizes this variability and understands the importance of correctly compensating your Sales Personnel properly.
Sales commissions, and correspondingly, the compensation plans from which they are derived might be the most variable program in which a business firm will engage.

These programs can vary significantly from industry to industry, and many times even within companies in the same industry. More difficult are commission programs that vary from employee to employee in the same company. Differences can stem from what type of performance is associated with what type of incentive (Revenue, Gross Profit, Bookings or one-time Silver Bullet), the frequency of calculation (Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Annually), the level of sales person being compensated (Inside Sales, Outside Sales, Sales Management), and so on.

Our Commission module generates commission reports for individuals within sales (sales agent, sales rep, sales admin and sales manager) with commission terms in any combination of the percent of:

  • At Booking (by amount) and/or GP
  • At Invoice (by amount) and/or GP
  • On Collection (by amount) and/or GP.
  • ERM even allows for commission created by silver bullets and other one-time commission anomalies (subject to an approval process).
  • Commission Reports can be generated for any time period selected.