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ERM-IO360 customer manager


Import Prospect Customer detail from a spreadsheet file with mouse clicks in minutes, not hours. Sort them into  categories discard the unqualified, again with simple mouse clicks. A lead is supposed to be one of your many next customers, but sometimes it is not a match at all, and sometimes it needs corrections of spelling and other things. Import your leads into the IO360 Customer Manager for your marketing and/or sales teams to take further action.

  • Users may enter one lead at a time or import them from a spreadsheet of any size
  • Use the leads list to generate mailing labels

Determine whether a lead is Hot, Warm, Cold or Trash. Edit its information and assign it before promoting the lead into your CRM Account Manager and Contact Manager.

  • Import leads from CSV spreadsheets however acquired
  • Assign status - Hot, Warm, Cold or Trash
  • Assign the lead to a sales rep
  • Move to Recycle Bin or restore
  • Correct any detail including:
    • Address
    • Phones
    • Email
    • Lead Source
    • Promotional Code
    • Created/Imported by
    • Create Date & Time
    • Owner
  • Generate mailing labels
  • Maintain a call activity log
  • Maintain account profile text
  • Promote to Account & Contact managers or discard