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ERM-IO360 Customer account manager


Because the IO360 CRM is part of the unified One Business Solution, it gives a very complete view of each account including financials. The IO360 Account Manager asks for information in useful categories, and then has a place for further relevant notes. A bit of typing now will speed your process forever, letting you work faster and smarter, not harder!
Accounts are businesses of any relationship with you, including prospects, customers, partners and investors (you configure the relationship menu). The appropriate users may edit all account information including its name and code, and they may add and remove locations.
Each account may have any number of these address types: Contact, Bill To, Ship To/Service and Service Contact.

  • Manage businesses of all relationship types (configurable)
  • Each account has Unlimited address types
  • Each account may have unlimited addresses of any type
  • Edit all account detail including name, relationship and code
  • Add and edit comment text for each account
  • Users may view and edit account info:
    • Profile details and histories
    • Contacts (sales & service)
    • Service contracts (SLA, Number, T & C)
    • Contracts due for renewal (configurable)
    • Discount categories
    • Credit Rating
    • 12 months Purchase History
    • Maximum Credit Line
    • Available Credit Limit
    • Receivables including days past due and Average paid days
    • Backlogs (inventory, recurrent charges and deferred revenues)
    • Auto Email/SMS setups
    • EDI setups for sending and receiving EDI files in shape of orders and then sending Invoices for those orders
    • Centralized Billing setups.
    • Multiple Billing setups
    • Configure tax setups on customer level, even exemptions Based on Billing/Shipping Address.
    • Auto Birthday/Anniversary wishes setup for some key contact person.
    • Customer Portal setup.
    • Credit Message setup