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Welcome to our company!

An end-to-end IT Solutions, Services, Business Integration & SOA specialistglobal organization.

State-of-the-art development and delivery specifications specially patented  in USA and India. We have consistently raised the bar on the meaning of IT success while delivering significant and measurable value to clients.

We have established multiple Centers of Excellence (COE’s) to absorb and implement new technologies as well as to ensure that our consultants’ performance levels always meet or exceed expectations of even our most demanding clients.

We have established a Quality Management Framework comprising of process flows, methods, procedures and quality plans designed to integrate quality into all phases of product development and service delivery.

Our delivery teams meet the highest standards in the industry and are a source of value and competitive advantage to our customers.


  • AQIES satisfy all the Key Success Factors in software industry i.e.
  • R&D on new technologies and products innovation to launch products before competitors.
  • Patent protection to protect new innovations.
  • Achieve Economies of scale to have cost leadership.
  • Strong branding and advertising to create brand awareness .
  • After sales services for brand loyalty . Product features and designs .
  • User friendly and can be easily customized as per the needs.
  • Great market potential in mass markets like India and US.
  • Tapping emerging markets with localized businesses n industries.
  • Diverse spectrum of market available i.e. different category, needs and income groups. Developing new technologies to achieve cost efficiency in production.

Best Practices

Our Best Practices in managing product development for technology companies are:

  • Understanding of software engineering processes and industry-specific best practices.
  • Design and test methodologies and software tools. Capturing explicit (and tacit) knowledge viz. products, their usability, and their functionality.
  • Architect Data Models and solutions conducive to Rapid Application Development.
  • Map emerging technologies into a product and/or application. Formally interface with different functional and remote groups of an engineering team.
  • Define and implement controlled work environments, such as for build, release and versioning.
  • Documentation of product and project at both technical and user levels.
  • Transitioning of product and business knowledge. Competence in project management.

Our Best Practices in Application Development are:

  • Understanding & expressing requirements through wireframes, prototypes and technical understanding documents
  • Evaluating and selecting the correct execution approach, technologies etc. based on the readiness of the client's priorities, processes & performance preferences Architect Data Models and solutions conducive to Rapid Application Development. Identify formal interfaces within the client organization for receiving information and securing sign-offs .